Mining & Aggregate Solutions

AquaBlue‘s professionals are available to provide you with customized solutions for mines wanting to negate the impact that their drainage systems may create. By teaming with AquaBlue, your mining and aggregate solution will operate at maximum efficiency by including:

Controlling the Budget

AquaBlue understands that the outlay used to treat mine drainage comes directly from your company’s profits. That’s why our professionals factor this in while creating a customized drainage solution, maximizing bang-for-the-buck effects of chemicals and mechanical systems to bring your discharge water into compliance without breaking the budget.

Sludge Compaction For Greater Efficiency

AquaBlue helps to control the cost of pond cleaning through the use of a customized sludge compaction program. This process saves time and money by reducing the number of times the mine drainage pond must be treated or cleaned, and the amount of water that must be taken from the site and disposed of according to environmental regulations.

Up-To-Date Compliance

With environmental regulations in a constant state of flux, you need a partner who is up-to-date on the latest changes, who can help you comply with current discharge regulations with a custom solution that combines chemical and mechanical applications.